New Classes Now Registering!

Right now, registration is open for our Summer classes! And, we have a few options for you, whether you’re new to improv/comedy or a seasoned comedy veteran.

Improv Comedy 101:

Improv 101 is the building blocks of what we do here at Serious Comedy Theatre. There are two common approaches to this class: One, a new student is looking to really get into performing improv and wants to start off the right way with the fundamentals. Or two, a new student isn’t particularly interested in being an “Improvisor”, but wants to work on general public speaking and social skills. Both reasons are a fantastic reason to take improv 101!

Improv comedy 201:

Improv 201 builds upon the fundamentals learned in 101, and introduces the concept of playing game in your improv scenes. If you’ve always wondered how some people just seem to always have a funny thing to say that really relates to the conversation you’re having; they’re probably just playing game whether they realize it or not. Playing game helps you identify the unique or unusual thing in a scene or conversation and heighten that idea or concept. This is still a wildly valuable skill in life even if you’re not intent on performing improv in front of audience every week.

Sketch Writing 101:

Sketch 101 is the fundamentals course for the writing program here at Serious Comedy Theatre. Ever done a really funny bit with your friends and said something akin to, “This should be on tv. It’s more interesting than half of what’s on there.”? This class can teach you how to shape those ideas into rock solid scenes you could perform or give/sell to other people to perform, if getting up in front of crowds truly isn’t your thing.

We do recommend you take Improv 101 either with us or any other long form improv theatre before taking this class, but it’s not required.

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